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Term 1 2017

Posted on 12 April 2017

In Room 8 we have been learning the UNICEF Rights of the Child. We use this convention which Aotearoa signed in 1992 as the foundation for our expectations on how we treat each other in our classroom.



After learning about our Rights we illustrated our 'Bag of Rights'.

  Whoever we are, wherever we live, these rights belong to all children under the sun, moon and stars, whether we live in cities or towns or villages, or in mountains or valleys or deserts or forests or jungles.

Anywhere and everywhere in the big, wide world, these are the Rights of EVERY CHILD: 





















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Term 3

Posted on 27 July 2016

This term we will be learning about Sir Edmund Hillary because on the 25th of August Expedition South will be visiting or school!!!

Expedition South is a fund raising venture to help the restoration of Hillary’s Hut at Scott Base. This is a journey on tractors through New Zealand which is being filmed for television. As Sir Edmund Hillary's former school we are so excited to be involved.

The tractors will drive up School Road directly to the admin block and park in the car park.  The visit will last for about 1 hour. We will welcome the Expedition with a powhiri and you are most welcome to attend.

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Term 2

Posted on 12 May 2016

In Room 8 we said hello to 3 new students so we started term 2 by going over our class charter with a focus on sharing. A wonderful story about the ‘Rainbow Fish’ has helped us learn about why sharing is a good idea.




This term we will be learning about our bodies and what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy.

In reading our goal is to know all of our letter sounds and to use our letter sounds to read words in our readers. We will continue to take home readers that we practice at school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we do lots of activities that help us to learn our shape words. Our shape words are in our home learning books to practice at home too. It takes more than 70 times seeing a new word before we can remember it really well.



In writing we are continuing to practice letter formation and writing stories about our experiences. We have already written wonderful stories about the Rainbow Fish sharing his shiny scales and we have started using the letter sounds we know to sound words out. We are getting really good at using our word cards too.


In maths we are learning to count forwards and backwards to 20 and we are learning to combine/add 2 sets up to 10. We will also be learning about shapes and how we can sort them into ‘families’.

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Term 1

Posted on 12 April 2016

In room 8 in term 1 we learnt about the Rights of the Child. Then we learnt about how when we have Rights we also have Responsibilities. We came up with a class charter so that we can all feel safe and happy and do our best learning.


In reading we started learning the sounds that letters make and we also began learning our shape words. We take readers home that we practice at school three times a week. After one year at school we hope to reach Green books.


In writing we practised forming the letters correctly and we began to write stories about our experiences in our story writing books. We liked writing about the playground in the native bush area.


In maths we learnt to recognise and order numbers up to 10 and beyond. We also made sets of objects up to 10 and then added 1 more.

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